February 03, 2013

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November 10, 2010

Cal Laughing & Snuggling

img_2543 img_2542 img_2541
img_2522 img_2544 img_2529

October 21, 2010

Love Bugs

img_2422 img_2423 img_2424
img_2414 img_2418 img_2419
img_2429 img_2430 img_2434
img_2498 img_2501 img_2502
img_2492 img_2494 img_2435

October 01, 2010

Dream if you Dare to Dream


September 13, 2010

Welcome to Salamanca

wiggle01 wiggle02 wiggle03
wiggle04 wiggle05 wiggle06

September 07, 2010

Fundamental Arts

img_2385 img_2387 img_2388
img_2389 img_2390 img_2393

June 26, 2010

Undressing Momo

img_2311 img_2312 img_2313

April 12, 2010

Spring Fling

img_1973 img_1996 img_1998
img_2101 img_2294 img_2307
img_2342 img_2364 img_2355
img_2295 img_2325 img_2301

March 10, 2010

Marching Forward

img_1908 img_1893 img_1934
img_2328 img_1941 img_1944
img_2059 img_2270 img_2272
img_2273 img_2274 img_2276

February 25, 2010

Three Years Old

img_1949 img_1948 img_1951
img_1956 img_1953 img_1967
img_1963 img_1962

February 04, 2010

Snuggle Animals

img_1920 img_4937 img_4916
img_1958 img_1961 img_1978
img_2122 img_2160 img_2171

January 20, 2010

Long Beach Aquarium with Evelyn & Esme

img_4886 img_4894 img_4895
img_4900 img_4899 img_4898
img_4901 img_4902 img_4904
img_4906 img_4908 img_4910
img_4913 img_4914

December 30, 2009

Cal Turns One

img_1827 img_1832 img_1835
img_1843 img_1847 img_1849
img_1839 img_1840 img_1874
img_1858 img_1856 img_1861
img_1863 img_1865 img_1869

December 28, 2009


img_1813 img_1814 img_1810
img_1817 img_1818 img_1819
img_1823 img_1824 img_1820
img_1797 img_1805 img_1803

December 25, 2009

One Hopping Little Christmas

img_1749 img_1761 img_1755
img_1762 img_1766 img_1770
img_1773 img_1774 img_1777
img_1781 img_1782 img_1771
img_1787 img_1778 img_1791

December 19, 2009

Reading the Morning Paper

img_1732 img_1734 img_1736
img_1737 img_1738 img_1740
img_1744 img_1745 img_1743

December 12, 2009

Momo's Back in Town

img_1716 img_1718 img_1720
img_1722 img_1723 img_1727
img_1713 img_1714 img_1729

December 08, 2009

Faces of the Christmas Card

img_1696 img_1698 img_1697
img_1701 img_1702 img_1703
img_1704 img_1705 img_1708

November 06, 2009

Mushroom Hunting

img_1644 img_1645 img_1647
img_1646 img_1649 img_1651
img_1652 img_1653 img_1657
img_1656 img_1658 img_1659
img_1660 img_1661 img_1662
img_1663 img_1665

October 31, 2009

Rockin' the Kitty Cat

Halloween 2009

img_1629 img_1627 img_1630
img_1631 img_1626 img_1641
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